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Everybody gets a bag with a Marvel Rising valentine, blowing bubbles, puzzle erasers, Hi-Chew, and an Almond Joy because I found a bag of them in the freezer.

Guys omg Hi-Chew is AMAZING when it hasn't been sitting on a shelf in an anime store for six months.
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HeyMolly's hard drive was a total wash, so they gave her a new hard drive (with a $10 discount thanks to price compare) and reinstalled Windows 10. Now I have to restore as much of my content as I can. Downloaded Itunes library into the wee small hours. Now working on emusic. emusic has decided to download everything as a zip file, including single cuts. I am leaving the country.

Kid who helped me is a Hufflepuff, so we exchanged 'Puff high-fives.
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Poor HeyMolly decided to brick this morning. It may be a touch of cyberclap, or just the fact that she uses Windows 10, which we all know is Satan's OS. I will take her to visit the Geek Squad. There's a Scooter's right next to it, so I can wait around.
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@benedict is very patiently taking my scanned drawings and turning them files I can put on Redbubble. He is a good Joe. If you give me all your money you can get a dress with a big-ass jellyfish on it. Or a sticker.
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That thing where you unclog a toilet with dishwashing liquid? Actually works. Who'd'a thunk it?
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Awakened this morning by a nosebleed that can only be compared to the Boston Molasses Flood, but less sticky. I managed not to stain the carpet, but the bathroom tile looked like the start of a CSI episode, and I found a glorp that somehow attached itself to the inner wall of the bathtub. Seeing your own face in the mirror covered in blood is some horror movie cliche shit.

Being stuck at home while coagulating did, however, allow me to catch the drop of Mondo's new Hot Fuzz poster by Logan Ferber:

(click to embiggen)
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Edit: Ah. If you click on it, it will embiggen.
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Classic manga Mai the Psychic Girl was released in two editions by Viz, the first in four volumes and the second in three. If you want to go completly mental, try buying separate volumes from separate dealers who don't know the difference and don't care which cover(s) they use in their listings.

Anyway, you know the bit where Mai (accidentally) causes an ultraviolent 70-car pileup with her mind?* I'm doing that inside my head right now because today's mail brought vol 1 of the four-book version and vol 2 of the three-book version.

*She did it to save a puppy. She and John Wick would totally get along. The puppy's name is Ron.
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Annnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnd now it's working again for no reason.
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WELP I think my air conditioner is dead, which means the fuss of getting a diagnosis (maybe it can be fixed, but it's literally 60 years old and lived this long because every AC guy's grandma had one just like it at her farm), picking a new heat/ac unit, getting it installed, and paying for it. Oh god paying for it. I hate everything.

I've had approximately 30 bottles of water in the last two days.
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June 30th (3835 words) by Phosfate
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"I have a sword, and I'm really quite angry."


Jun. 28th, 2018 03:00 pm
phosfate: (Default) now a good time to ask about The Last Dangerous Visions?


Feb. 7th, 2018 02:00 pm
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For some reason, my ipod currently has exactly four songs on it.

Because SHUT UP, that's why.
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Time to get the tree roots out of the outflow thing again. I wouldn't mind except it makes one of the worst possible noises a house can make when they grind it out, so I was trying not to do a fetal curl over my laptop while ripping the seams off a tiny Power Rangers doll uniform. (I don't know why they call it a seam ripper. Using it is actually very tiny and fussy most of the time.)

The first plumber refused my coffee.

Then he phoned for backup. I didn't ask why, because there are things Ann was not meant to know.

Backup was the old (formerly not old) guy who's been doing my plumbing on and off since the eighties. He got coffee AND a gimme travel mug from a health conference, because my boss always fills a tote bag with conference souvenirs of varying usefulness. "See?" I told first plumber. "You coulda had coffee AND a mug." He was not impressed. You'll learn, kid. You'll learn.

I now qualify for the hella old person discount.
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Welp, had to pay overtime for a plumber last night, but it was kind of worth it for the stories he had about the things people flush. I mean, you expect kid things like Legos and Matchbox Cars, but cell phones?

He also told me about having to zip-tie an incredibly drunk buddy to the bed of his pickup truck in order to get him home safely.

I mean, the worst thing I've ever had to do at work was draw a mural of the northern lights on my boss's boss's white board.

And paint a pumpkin, but I could sit down to do that.
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Who was down with the flu for a week and didn't pay her power bill? Whose house is really, really cold right now?
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"Detroit cops posing as drug dealers tried to arrest Detroit cops posing as drug buyers and then they all had a fistfight in the middle of the street"

This needs to be a Person of Interest fic about the HR.
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Me: Well okay I need a new Kindle cord anyway and some bird-a-way stickers for the big window and oh hey some paperbacks...

Friday, Saturday, Sunday

Amazon: Go look in the mailbox!
Me: Sweet!
Amazon: Also the stuff you pre-ordered back in January the last time you had free Prime is shipping now.
Me: Er...
Amazon: The second Andy Weir arrives Tuesday.
Me: Oh...neat?
Amazon: It's pre-Christmas so basically you should wear a helmet and not buy food.
Me: Fuck.

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